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What's the difference between the Nova, Supernova and the Nebula?



If you do video and photography then you understand that great lighting is the essential component to improving the quality of your work. The Diva Ring Light is a unique single light source that accomplishes with one light what would normally require two or more lights. When taking photos or videos with the Diva Ring Light close to the subject, the results are very engaging.

The question that we receive the most is, "what is the difference between each of the ring lights you offer?" I am writing this article to explain those differences and to better help you decide which Diva Ring Light is best for you.

You may also be asking yourself, What is a Diva Ring Light?

Diva Ring Lights are known for providing soft, nearly shadow-free illumination. They reduce the appearance of lines and blemishes, giving you a fresh, flawless look. The secret is how the light is shaped: it casts a soft dome of light on your subject. It is very complementary to professional makeup work, which is why the Diva Ring Light is the preferred light for  professional makeup artists and YouTube beauty gurus. The Diva Ring Light also renders beautiful, round catch lights in the eyes, making this light ideal for close up videos and photos.

We have three lights in our Diva Ring Light line: The Nova, Supernova and Nebula.

>>The Diva Ring Light Nova is our basic ring light model. It features an 18" diameter circular black hard plastic housing with a reflective aluminum interior to help increase light output. It comes with a daylight balanced fluorescent tube, a Gooseneck bracket that is used to mount the ring light to a light stand, and a 'Z' bracket that is used to mount the ring light to a camera Tripod.

The fluorescent bulb that the Diva Ring Light comes with has a color temperature of 5400K. This means that the light that emits from the fluorescent tube mimics natural day light, which is the color temperature that is the most flattering to skin and makeup.

The Gooseneck for the light stand allows you to bend the position of the ring light. The Tripod 'Z' Bracket is used with a camera tripod to mount your camera on the Diva Ring Light                                                    

>>The Diva Ring Light Supernova, our most popular model, is similar to the Nova in every way except two: dimming capability and diffusion cloth.

The dimming feature is very useful in adjusting the intensity of the light to fit different lighting situations. It has a dimming range of 20-100%. In situations where light is very low, you can increase the amount of light being output from the ring light. Where the light needs to be closer to your subject, a lower intensity is better.

The Diffusion Cloth wraps around the front of the Diva Ring Light to soften and disperse the light. Light diffusion is critical to smoothing skin and hiding blemishes.

>>The Diva Ring Light Nebula is very similar to the Supernova except it uses 640 LED lights instead of a fluorescent bulb. LEDs last much longer than fluorescent bulbs. The average lifespan of LED lights is 50,000 hours. LED lights also run much cooler than fluorescent lights, remaining very cool to the touch even after several hours of continuous use. LED lights are much more durable than fluorescent lights and are at a much lower risk from breaking. The Diva Ring Light Nebula is 15% brighter than than the Nova and Supernova.

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