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Customer Highlight - Jeremy Hammons Photography

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Jeremy Hammons is a portrait photographer from Portfalls Idaho. His attention to detail, and creative use of lighting causes his subjects to pop from their photos and you can not look away. He uses a Diva Ring Light, and check out what he had to say about it!

"When it comes to constant light modifiers, the Diva Ring Light is my go to tool of choice for making amazing images. And for good reason! I constantly have to shoot on location away from my studio. The Diva light is simple and fast to pack with my light kit, and it attaches to my standard light stands. It gives perfect daylight balanced light with a dream-like quality that has to be seen to believe! I have tried other ring lights, but none compare to the Diva Ring's size, price, or reliability!

I have learned some tricks along the way while using this light that I want to share. I noticed I get the most out of this light when I shoot in manual mode at 1/100 sec. to 1/50 sec. using a custom white balance and at 100-160 ISO with a 50 mm prime lens at f/3.5 to f/4. Using a 50 mm lens allows me to frame up the subject while in real close. When I am using this light for close up portraits, I get the light to within 1.5-3 ft of the subject. This allows me to get that halo catch light nice and big in the eyes that people like to see. Having the light moved in nice and close also helps getting the subject to get good eye contact on the camera and not the light itself. And it keeps the light soft and dreamy. I also found it works great to position the light over the subject and have them look up through the light while I stand on a chair or ladder shooting down. This also helps to carve out features like cheek bones on female subjects.

I recommend this light to any portrait photographer. You just can't go wrong with this light!!"

You can see more of Jeremy's work here:


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