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How To Attach The Gooseneck


 Mounting your Diva Ring Light onto a Light Stand



  1. Lay the DRL down on a flat surface, bulb side down.
  2. Remove the 2 smaller screws on the bottom of the DRL. DO NOT REMOVE the large middle screw.
  3. Line up the top of the Gooseneck with the 2 smaller holes now on the bottom of the DRL.
  4. Reinsert the 2 outer screws into the DRL through the mount and tighten.


Once your DRL Light Stand Gooseneck is attached to your Diva Ring Light, you are now ready to mount your Diva onto your Light Stand. Please be sure to have your light stands legs at their widest position, this will ensure stability when in use.

  1. Attach the Light Stand Gooseneck to the DRL
  2. Twist the nob on the bottom of the Gooseneck till the interior of the Gooseneck is clear and you cannot see the screw on the inside.
  3. Slide the interior of the Gooseneck over the top of your Light Stand. Please note some light stands are a tight fit, and you may need to ‘wiggle’ the mount in order to get it to ‘drop down’.
  4. Twist the nob of the bottom of the Gooseneck to lock it on the light stand.



You have now mounted your Diva Ring Light and Camera onto a Light Stand!




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