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How To Mount The Tripod Z Bracket


Mounting your Diva Ring Light onto a Tripod

You will first need to attach the DRL Tripod Z Bracket onto your Diva Ring Light:


  1. Lay the DRL down on a flat surface, bulb side down.
  2. Remove the 2 smaller screws on the bottom of the DRL. DO NOT REMOVE the large middle screw.
  3. Line up the bottom of the Z Brackets holes with the 2 smaller holes now on the bottom of the DRL. The neck of the Z Bracket should be going over the top of the DRL.
  4. Reinsert the 2 outer screws into the DRL through the mount and tighten.


Once your DRL Tripod Z Bracket is attached to your Diva Ring Light, you are now ready to mount your Diva onto your Tripod. Please check your tripods user manual to ensure it can support the weight of your camera plus the Diva Ring Light.

  1. Remove your tripods quick plate from the head of the tripod. Please see your tripods instructions for steps to remove your plate. Your plate will need to have a ¼ 20” screw.
  2. Locate the threaded hole on the bottom of the Z Bracket.
  3. Line your Tripod Plate Screw up parallel to the Z Brackets threaded hole and screw the plate on tightly.
  4. Reattach your Tripods Quick Plate back onto your tripod.
  5. By loosening and tightening the 2 silver screws on the neck of the Z bracket, you can adjust the height of your camera.




To attach your camera to the Tripod Z Bracket:

  1. The top of the Z Bracket has a ¼ 20” screw, line the threaded hole on the bottom of your camera up with this screw.
  2. Twist the nob on the screw to tighten your camera onto the Tripod Z Bracket, move the screw forward and back along the top of the Z Bracket to ensure the camera is balanced.




You have now mounted your Diva Ring Light and Camera onto a tripod!



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