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How To Set Up The Mini Desk Tripod




 Step One: Attaching the T-Neck to the Diva Ring Light






1. Lay the Diva Ring Light down on a flat surface with the bulb side facing down.

2. Remove the two smaller screws on the bottom of the Diva Ring Light. DO NOT REMOVE the large middle screw.

3. Line up the two holes on the bottom of the T Neck with the two small holes that are now on the bottom of the Diva Ring Light.

4. Reinsert the two screws into the Diva Ring Light through the holes in the T Neck.


 Step Two: Setting up the Mini Desk Tripod



1. Pull each leg away from the neck of the tripod. All 3 legs should be in the same position.

2. The Mini Desk tripod has three resting positions. You can adjust the leg by pressing the buttons that are situated at the top of each leg.

3. See illustration below for the best placement of the Minid Desk Tripod. The second and third positions give optimal stability. 





 Step Three: Mounting the Diva Ring Light to the Mini Desk Tripod





 1. Remove one of the knobs on the from the T Neck adapter so that you can spread the the clamp far enough to fit around the neck of the tripod.

2. Slide the T Neck adapter over the neck of the tripod. Make sure the bottom of the adapter and the Diva Ring Light rests low near the top of the tripod legs.

3. For the best stability make sure the Diva Ring Light is facing over one of the tripod legs.

4. Slightly tighten the remaining knob. Insert the missing knob and tighten it so that it matches the other knob. Then alternate tightening the knobs until the clamp firmly and seculrely gripped to the the tripod neck.


 Step Four: Mounting Your Camera to the Mini Desk Tripod




1. Pinch the quick release plate lever to activate the removal of the quick release plate.

2. Keeping the lever pinched, pull it towards the green bubble leveler until the plate pops out.

3. Remove the quick release plate. You are now ready to mount the camera.



1. The quick release plate has a 1/4 20" screw that will most modern cameras.

2. Locate the threaded hole on the bottom of your camera.


3. Align the screw on your tripod plate with the threaded hole on your camera.

4. Insert and gently twist to the right to tighten.



5. Finish tightening with a flathead screw driver. You can also use a coin.


1. With the plate attached to your camera, reinsert it back into the tripod at a 45 degree angle.

2. While keeping ahold of the camera, let the weight of the camera gently go down until it clicks into place. If done right, it will automatically lock for you.


1. Loosening the knob on the Mini Desk Tripod allows you to tilt and rotate your camera on the ball head.


2. Once you have your camera in the right position twist the knob to tighten your camera securely into place.



Your Diva Ring Light Mini Desk Tripod is now set up and ready to use!









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